The Devils Power that is Exercised Through the Pope of Rome
by Optima Mentis
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First and foremost we must understand that America was created and is run by the Knights of Malta, the Jesuit Order from the Vatican. The Templars of old. If you have not resonated with this fact then your slavery will continue and none of this will make much sense to you. This does not in any way mean that Catholicism is to blame as it is not. Most Catholics have no idea of the truth that is written here today. So it may be time to put down your religious zealotry and seek what is naturally truth. We must do this by perusing Temple matters.

One of the first things we all need to do is separate from this all capital letter name entity. This business trust, this artificial entity that is called the U.S. Citizen. That was created a few days after our natural birth when the State filed a Birth Certificate in the County of your birth. We need to cease to be surety for the U.S. Citizen.

In order to understand how this came to be we must understand the history of this Jesuit conspiracy. This can be basically explained in seven parts.

One: In the beginning of America we were first Citizens of our State then we became Citizens of the United States. In our beginnings that was only for the white people. The privileges and immunities of this subordinate and derivative Citizenship of the United States included the Bill of Rights. This was our Common Law Rights at the time. This restricted and limited the power of the Federal Government. The Jesuits sought to remove those absolute limitations of power of the Federal Government. So what the Jesuits did after they formatted the War Between the States or commonly known at the time as the “War of the Northern Aggression”. After the death of approximately 700,000 American men they forced the Fourteenth Amendment down the throats of the seven States.

What the Fourteenth Amendment did is broaden the old Article 4 Section 2 U.S. Citizenship. It did not create a new Citizenship it merely broadened the Citizenship, this was made clear according to Supreme Court Case: Colgate vs Harvey, 296 U.S. 404 (1935) No. 8. Argued October 14, 15, 1935. It in fact broadened the Citizenship to include all people of all color in equality. This did two things, it broadened the Citizenship of the United States to include everyone and it also made it National Citizenship. However, the Citizens were still entitled a civilian process IE: the right of due process under Article 1, at the State and Federal level.

Two: Back in 1873. The Supreme Court Ruling in the Slaughter-House Cases, 83 U.S. (16 Wall.) 36, 21 L. Ed. 394 (1873). This was an attack on the broadened Fourteenth Amendment Citizenship to not include the Bill of Rights. This robbed the Privileges and Immunities of any Constitutional significance. The Jesuit controlled Supreme Court successfully altered the Citizenship at this time both on a State and Federal level to no longer have the civilian process IE: the right of due process under Article 1.

Three: In Pennsylvania in 1906 is when the filling of the Birth Certificate became mandatory. This filling instigates a contract filed with a third party recorded keeper. When it becomes filed it is by operation of law a legal contract. There is no need for consent at this point to make it a contract counter to what some believe. It has all the correct steps and signatures to constitute a legal contract and that is fact. This contract creates an artificial person. The artificial person it creates is called a U.S. Citizen and it attached the private American Citizen as surety for this person. A person is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as a Corporation. The American Citizen at this time becomes the property of this business trust called the U.S. Citizen. However, nothing really changed even though these Birth Certificates were in fact filed. Americans still worked under common law, they still exchanged their labor for wages and that was not regarded as income.

Four: In 1933 under Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 9th he proclaimed the Emergency War Powers Act. On the same day Congress passed the Trading with the Enemy Act of World War One to be amended to include all persons within the United States. What this in fact did was seized all property in America as booty of our De facto Military Government established by FDR. And he seized all the labor by the persons in America as booty and all Businesses as well. Whenever an Army takes something on land it is called booty of war. Since we were now under the Emergency War Powers Act it was considered goods or property seized by force or plunder taken from the enemy, the enemy at this point in time became the persons of America. This happened in every State and County of the United States Inc as the United States on recorded was incorporated back in 1871. But let us not digress.

Five: In 1935 the Government took the U.S. Citizen with their surety and put them in interstate and foreigner commerce with the Social Security Act giving those Social Security Numbers to interface in commerce. In essence what the Government did was taking their booty and putting it into international business.

Six: In 1938 The Jesuit run Supreme Court under Knights of Malta controlled President Franklin D Roosevelt on April 25th the court handed down two key decisions. First, the Tompkins vs Erie Railroad decision 304 U.S. 64, 58 S. Ct. 817, 82 L. Ed. 1188, in that it was basically decided there will be no more general Federal Common Law. That meant there was no longer a need for a Common Law procedure on a Federal level. This opened the door to produce a Civil Law Marshal procedure under Military Law or Admiralty Law. The next case was United States vs Carolene Products Company 304 U.S. 144 (1938) In this case the Supreme Court ended what was called the Lochner Era a period in American legal history in which the Supreme Court tended to use substantive due process to strike down laws held to be infringing on economic liberty or private contract rights, and takes its name from a 1905 case, Lochner vs New York. This was basically upholding the right to exchange ones labor for money, a Common Law right. So there was no income tax. But on April 25th 1938 the Jesuit owned Supreme Court removed any Common Law rights that could be used in Federal Court. So now everything is a Civil Law procedure following a Military Marshal process. In 1938 a whole new legal era began in America. This is why all the courts have U.S. Flags trimmed in gold fringe to signify Military Marshal Process or Admiralty Law. Those are called Military Colors. They will proceed against you in the name of War, which is an all capital letter name. What we have are constitutional courts as they are created from a constitution, but the process is Marshal because there is a legal presumption that everybody, all the American Citizens are surety for the U.S. Citizens. Until that presumption is rebutted the Judge will act in accordance with Military Marshal Process.

Seven: The last thing that was changed. In 1950 under Harry Truman he proclaimed perpetual Foreigner War. So that the De facto Military Government of 1933 has been at Foreign War status since 1950 and that is why Congress does not declare war any longer. The fact is the proclamation of 1933 and 1950 cannot be done away with by Congress. The only one that can do away with these proclamations is the President as Commander in Chief and he is a puppet of the Jesuits. Keep in mind Presidents of Corporations are not voted into place, they are appointed and in the case of America voting is nothing but a charade to make the masses think they have a say. In fact they do not. This is a Roman model of Governing. The American Empire is used for commerce and war, nothing more. This is all to benefit the Jesuits in the Vatican. Your income tax dollars go to the privately owned Federal Reserve and then onto the British Crown where 40% is kept by the British and 60% is sent on to the Vatican. Follow the money.

In Rome it was Augustus Caesar that took the Roman Republic into a Dictatorship much the same way the Jesuits have done to America. In the American model FDR plays Augustus Caesar. The FBI, CIA, NSA Secret Service and so forth are all under Jesuit rule. Just like the Praetorian Guard used in Roman times.



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