Connecting Dots

Connecting The Dots To This Reality

Connecting Dots to this reality can be a challenge that most people do not want to give the time to peruse.

We are just too busy painting our lives the way we have been told they should be. Just trying to doge the sting of reality.

All the while blindfolded to the free choice of our duality and missing the cosmic connections we all share.

There is something going on behind the scenes of our life that is a deep black hole of mystery.

The soul spirit that chose to come to this controlled planet landed with such force it shattered the memory of why we came here in the first place.

This allowed outside forces to take over our lives and rearrange the dots for their benefits.

Directing our path as we all run towards an oncoming train thinking it is the tree of life.

Bound on rough water and crucified on the shipwreck we call Earth.

An illusion of fake reality appearing to be real.

As human sacrifices to unknown gods of astro-theology and satanic worship. Blind and deaf to who we really are.

We are the Kings and Queens of love and life. Seeking the arrow of truth and freedom. Connecting those dots and spreading the word that death is the real illusion.

Connecting The Dots Click Image Below

Connecting dots can be a huge challenge for most of humanity and very hard to understand how we can be so easily brain washed by fear into thinking we are free. When in fact we are not free. We are slaves to those that indoctrinate and control our thoughts and lives. It is time for us all to wake from this nightmare and reclaim our humanity before it is too late. Before there is nothing left to claim and only the wreckage of Earth to leave to our children. Start Connecting Dots Today.

Connecting Dots


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