Money We Slave For It’s Power

Money, the root of all that is of evil it is said. We are enslaved by it, we are driven to make it at any cost, and we must have it to survive on Earth.

Whose idea was this? Who invented money and why is money the most important thing in the lives of humanity?

The Phoenicians way back around 1500 BC were the first to invent money as coinage. Up until 1500 BC, all money was cattle, lambs, goats or pigs. Steers were by far the biggest food animal and so they were the highest denomination of money. The Phoenicians carried their cattle with them for trading but these big creatures proved to very cumbersome on long voyages. This was the time when Crete was the headquarters of the big boat people and were in control of the lines of supply to control the travel of ships. Crete was called the bull civilization, as they were worshipers of the male fertility god.

Money first was made of half-rings that looked like a pair of bull’s horns. Many today mistake them for bracelets. Soon the traders found that most people had no memory of the cattle during the trading days and didn’t recognize the miniature iron bull horn. If metal was being used for trading then there were other kinds of metal they preferred trading with like silver, copper and gold. They were much easier to judge by weight and were more aesthetically pleasing than the forged iron bull horn symbols.

This soon brought metal coinage into the game of world trading with the first coin bearing the image of the sovereign of the homeland of the Phoenicians.

Gold then became the most sought after type of coin. Monatomic gold powder was said to increase the life span in ancient times of those that ingested it and might just be why gold became the number one form of money.

With money came power and separation. The have and those that have not. If you paid someone money you could make the demand over them to provide a service a product and it would not require you to be civil about it. This is how it is today. You pay someone and you rule over them.

What happened to the civility of trade? If you traded you would have to be civil or you would not have anyone to trade with. You would have to be honorable as well. People would not want to trade with a crooked dishonorable person. We seem to have lost all of that in today’s world of money and power.

Seems to me we could do without money and return to a more civilized world. A world with honor and respect. A world were people were closer to each other and actually cared what they thought about one another. A more peaceful world of trust and appreciation. A world that would have more freedom and love.

Money? Who needs that? Who tells us we need money? Ah, yes good old government. The parent that enslaves us because we are too immature to govern ourselves. Maybe we should rethink the need for money and government? Think about it?

Money, Do We Need to Slave For It’s Power?


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