Usury, What Is It?

The fact that money should be wealth, a tangible commodity is one of the greatest foundational lies of the bankers. Money is not wealth! Let that sink in for a minute. Money is what we agree to uses as a means of exchange. Money should not be wealth. Money should not be a commodity. Because then it can become scarce, sparser than other commodities and the lack of money in circulation will create a depression. That is exactly what the bankers want.

Commodity based money is always controlled by those controlling the commodities. It’s as simple as that. Commodities based money makes it more plausible for the bankers to say “Listen I’m giving you real money!” “I’m not printing it; I’m giving you something real, like this cool shiny gold stuff here!” So it becomes very reasonable to ask for this higher interest rate, because you’re getting something tangible in return. You see a banker does not care how he gets your life force. Fiat money, credit based money or gold backed money as long as you are reduced to an interest slave. If we pay interest in gold coins, in paper debt notes or whatever the payment maybe, a banker does not really care.

The fact is, money is scarce weather it is gold based or paper based because of the usury on the money supply. Usury creates money scarcity because usury sucks up money that is being paid by the many to the few and the few don’t spend it back into circulation. They lend it back into circulation! This creates eternal money scarcity through usury. In other words usury means you are an interest paying slave.

A paper based money supply can grow indefinitely by creating new credit and printing more paper. All the while creating new interest payments along the way. In fact we are so in debt right now as a nation that most all the money you make is sucked up by usury/interest payments.

Gold backed money will deflate prices and wages as there is only so much money in the system and it will increase interest percentages greatly to increase the banker’s usury. So they get us either way. Deflating the money is the main cause for depressions. If we study history we can see this proven time and time again.

Inflation and deflation is all controlled by the bankers. This makes for no real economic business cycle. All the volumes of money are completely manipulated by the banks. There is no natural business cycle when everything is being controlled in this manner. The money system is completely artificial.

Keep in mind the banking cartel own the government, the schools and everything you can think of. We are debt slaves or better defined as interest slaves. They reap the resources of humanities energies. Our life forces are taken from us through usury and scarce money and all sorts of manipulations.

We need to stop feeding the beast that rules over us that is sucking up our life force. If we stop feeding this system it will slowly wither away. Stop banking, stop using pharmaceuticals, stop using oil, and so on. Not that easy? Of course it’s not that easy. That’s the way they set it up. The answer however is reading this text right now. YOU. If we all stop using this system as much as possible there in fact will be no need for this system that enslaves us. We are the answer, it’s that simple. Think in ways to reclaim your life force.

It’s not that they have all the money in the world to control us my friends. It’s the fact that we have been brained washed into thinking money is actually needed to live a natural life. When in fact it is not needed at all and is the farthest thing from natural that can be imagined.


Usury: u·su·ry ˈyo͞oZH(ə)rē/ noun: usury the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.

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