Why Am I Here

Just Why Am I Here?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Am I Here?
Why Was I Born? Do I Have A Mission?

This is a question that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. It lead me to spirituality were I gained a deeper understanding to discover that we are multi dimensional beings having a third dimensional experience in a human vessel. That we are a fragment of first source, we are a fragment of the divine, seeking to prefect ourselves. To contribute.

We are the caretakers of this planet, of this Earthly experience and it is our mission to contribute, to give, to the freedom of actually being here. Freedom is true love. We need to give and have respect and honor for our mother planet for the experience that we are all here to have as contributors to first source, as a contributor to God. That’s why we are here. That’s our mission. Are you giving to that mission? Are you contributing?

Are you a caretaker of this planet? Taking care not to offend Mother Earth, not to polluted it, not to poison it. Are you giving to others in a way they can appreciate? Are you creating? Are you making a difference, in a positive way, or are you just existing still wondering why you are here. Are you making up excuses why you can’t do whatever it is? Is that your purpose? To take? To be so deep in the ego that all that’s interesting is what’s in it for you. Egotistical, me, me, my, my. Is that contributing? Is that being accountable and responsible to your mission? We are either part of the solution, or we are part of the problem.

Why am I here? I am here as a caretaker of this planet. I am here to create and to give to the freedom of all. Not to take away from that fact. Not to take away from the truth. But to give. To respect. Is that why you are here? If not … Why are you here?
Take Care

Just Why Am I Here Right Now?

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