You are the Balance to this Illusion Called Life.

We live in this materialistic third dimension of duality. Where the negative and the positive poles vibrate and create density. The human instrument is the balance of that vibrating energy. The focal point between the positive and negative duality.

Visualize a pendulum that swings between two points in time. Between the positive and the negative dualities. Creating a vibrating wave of energy as it swings back and forth. Now realize you are the focal point of that swinging pendulum the center point that creates the balance and allows for the pendulum to actually swing. You are the triangulation of everything that is in this materialist third dimensional illusion of reality. You create the balance to this illusion called life.

Once we all realize this simple truth, accountability and responsibility will return to this illusion and it will return to the peace and harmony vibration intended.

Those that promote the fear vibration, the negative vibration have lost the focal point and have incorporated an out of balance life illusion. You can change all that very quickly. We are all one, all we have to do is act like it. Take Care.

We are the Balance that allows the Manifestation of the Illusion of Life.


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