Belief Conviction Truth

Belief + Conviction = Truth – No It Does Not.

Belief is a common factor in today’s world and not much thought is ever given to what it means or how it works. We all have been conditioned through the ages to simply accept belief on face value. Never really recognizing how dangerous and misleading it actually is.

What an individual believes can get wrapped together with conviction to reinforce its power over mankind. All the time going unnoticed for the most part for what it really is. If you don’t believe in something then nothing will happen in your life, is a common concept by many about belief.

The Belief System is a control factor over the minds of humanity.

Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true. When in fact it is not real truth.

Rarely do humans believe the same way. It is a control system to divide humanity.

Seek deeper understanding that allows the flexibility for change. Deeper understanding removes the cognitive dissonance that belief will create.

Those that cling to belief will fight sometimes to the death for a false sense of what is truth.

Here’s an example of real truth. Gravity. If you jump off a cliff the truth is you will fall to the bottom. No debate on that one.

Conviction is a product of the same System. All designed to control the minds of humanity.

Conviction: a fixed firm belief. The act of moving a person by argument or evidence to belief, agreement, consent, or a course of action; the action of conviction on a belief. The state of being convinced by what one believes.

First came the Money System of control, created by the Phoenicians of old, today they are called the Jesuit Order. Then they created Religion in all its forms. Religion required a Belief System and Conviction thereof.

Think about it, and gain a deeper understanding of how the few control the many. Take Care.

Belief + Conviction = Truth – No It Does Not.


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