Humanity, Created as Slaves

Humanity has a much deeper history than we understand. The indoctrination of humanity has only given the population a very limited one sided version that is designed to keep humanity under mind control. The imposed form of control over humanity is called government. A word derived from Latin entomology (gubernātiō) – to guide or control and (mentālis) – of the mind, mental. In short the Latin meaning is to control the mind.

To gain a deeper understanding of the history of humanity, one must aggregate information from several sources and discern what resonates as truth. There is no one source that can give any complete accurate accounting of history of humanity. We are forced to study ancient texts and tablets and decipher meanings that have long ago been buried and have become very illusive to find. The Sumerian, Babylonian, and Egyptian history is some of the most readily available information to discover and is an excellent place to start digging. So what I have discerned from my research can surely be debated and scrutinized by many that want to hold onto the cognitive dissonance that is designed to plague the progress of humanity. Please keep in mind the belief system was created to divide and conquer your mind and keep humanity individualized in opposition with each other.

The Truth Conjecture or Fact?

Much is conjecture and writing about the absolute truth is very hard. No one has the absolute truth when it comes to the E.T. presents on this planet. All I can do is give my impressions and understandings of my years of research on humanity and what controls it.

First off not all of this information is negative; there are in fact positive aspects to the information of humanities situation on Earth. There are many positive beings that have obviously incarnated here for the uplifting of humanity and are doing much positive work in that regard. However, there are also imbalanced forces in the universe that we have to be very aware of. If we are going to be street wise and truly understand what’s going on around us and as a result of that knowledge empower ourselves to improve the conditions on Earth. Then we have to understand that there are indeed dark forces at work on our planet.

For those that think it’s just business as usual living life on Earth and are not really paying attention to what’s really going on in the world on a global sense. Then those types of individuals will not get much out of this article. However, those that already understand what the situations actually are on Earth I.E. the situation of slavery here on this planet, will more than likely gain a deeper understanding of humanity.

The fact is humanity is a slave species and the conditions on this planet are those of slavery. I’m not stating that for debate it’s a statement of truth, and if one does the research this should be common knowledge.

Once we get into the, none human beings that have been interacting with humanity for thousands of years, it is then that we get into conjecture. Humanity is in fact enslaved and being held hostage, but those that are invoking the slavery can only be explained with opinion, and conjecture no matter how much research one may do.

Everyone on Earth could be considered abductees. We are living in a farm type situation on this planet with farmers that are actually farming the resources called humanity like livestock. Now, some may say that is a very negative depressing world view. However, all knowledge is positive. The only thing that is really negative in my humble opinion is ignorance. Refusing to look at a situation and seeing it for what it actually is. If we can look at a situation and see it for what it actually is, regardless of how dark it seems at first. That becomes an empowered position of deeper understanding and knowledge. Let’s be honest if you are in a hostage situation would you not want to understand all the aspects of that condition? Would you not want to know that you are being held against your will by entities that do not have your best interests in mind? And only then would you be in a position to do something about it, and in that fact giving a positive action towards your freedom.

If we honestly look at the situation of humanity, and come to the conclusion that the situation is slavery, much how animals are enslaved on a farm, then we can incorporate actions and understandings to make the corrections to fix the situation. We can look at how it has become the way that it is and adjust our reactions and energy to find remedies to counter the slavery of humanity. That is the only real way to take a negative diagnosis and turn it into a positive. Ignoring the problem however, is a sure way to continue the sickness and further the negative aspects of the situation.

Government is the basic control factor that keeps humanity in slavery. Those few that impose the claim of authority over other people to obey so called laws and regulations against their free will, no matter whether they are moral or not. Many may not want to come to grips with this fact; however this is indeed imposed slavery over humanity. Now, those that don’t see it that way, quite honestly do not understand the real truth of their situation. This is not some opinion or some abstract perspective. This is fact and the real truth of how life on this planet currently is. The truth is government is slavery it does not make any difference if you lack that understanding of the truth or not. The truth will still be the truth. Ignorance of truth is what makes it negative and deeper understanding of truth is what turns the negative into a positive.

Now, what put that method of imposed slavery in place? What happened for us to somehow come to the conclusion that we need masters that rule over us? The conception of all forms of government or all forms of slavery if we call it what it in fact really is, has actually come from humanities interaction with non human entities on this planet melanin ago. To gain a deeper understanding of this you are not going to be able to go to one researcher about this subject. It will take many sources to come up with this understanding and likely more time than most are willing to give to gain a deeper understanding of this problem, becoming an eclectic aggregator of information that cannot be gathered from one person or place.

My understanding of what has happened in the past to humanity can be considered conjecture based on my personal research. What I’ve discovered is beings that are not indigenous to this planet came to Earth for whatever reason and there is much conjecture of who they actually are and why they came to Earth and I won’t get hung up on that. But regardless of what the nature of these beings is and the reasons they came here, the evidence suggests that they arrive hundreds of thousands of years ago.

There were at that time other indigenous beings living on the Earth. They were evolving naturally on this planet according to the natural laws of the cosmos. They were a species not quite like humanity is today but very similar to the human we see on Earth now. They could be considered hominids or primate type beings.

When the non indigenous beings arrived on this planet they appeared to have an interest in the resources of Earth that had nothing to do with the natural beings of this planet. Many researchers will get hung up on what exactly their interests in Earth were, and again we run into more conjecture. But it is safe to say they had great interest in the resources of planet Earth whatever they may have been.

They needed workers to do much of the physical labor for them. And again for whatever their reasons were, they did not bring enough beings to do the work. So one faction of these beings decided it would be a good idea to hybridize the natural hominids of Earth with their own DNA. They were very adept in genetics and expert geneticists. There was much debate and quarrel among them on this decision. Some of them proclaimed that this was a very immoral thing to be doing. Some felt they did not have the right to take another being and genetically modify them above and beyond their natural intention creating a new species. After the quarrel was settled, they did go ahead and genetically hybridized the Earth hominid with their own genetic material. Upon doing that a new creature was created one in which they considered to be their own. They felt it belong only to them as they created it and thus was god over it.

This is much like how humanity has selectively bred the wolf into dogs and feels mastery over them as they were created by man and thus man is their master. Only with humanity it was more than selective breeding it was genetic modification and the addition of a new DNA to create a whole new species called Homo sapiens.

Within the ranks of the E.T.’s there were two sides. One side saw this new creation like their children that they gave birth too. The other side however, looked at humanity as something that should have never been created in the first place. They view humanity as a tool to be used to get what they needed completed and then throw humanity away completely as it should have never existed in the first place.

These E.T.’s one could say created an abomination that should have never really existed, and in doing so stunted an otherwise natural evolutionary process. Creating a very traumatic memory genetically for humanity to overcome and can explain why humanity today is so fragmented and psychopathic in nature. This may be hard to swallow for many, yet the evidence leads one to understand it’s none the less true. The works of Michael Tsarion goes in depth about this ancient trauma humanity deals with today. The works of the late Lloyd Pye goes in depth on how humanities DNA has been fused and obviously genetically spliced and could not have happened in natural evolution and explains why there is no connecting link for humanity whatsoever.

The E.T.’s that looked upon humanity as their children started to inter breed with their creation. This created yet another version of being that was closer to their DNA than humanity. So they gave those beings the ruler-ship over humanity as dictated by bloodline and thus started the governing of this new creation called humanity. They became the priest class that became Kings to rule over humans once they were done extracting whatever resources they needed from Earth. There was far too many humans back then to completely extinguish, although evidence indicates they did try by flood to remove humanity from the face of the Earth.

This is how things have progressed today so that all of humanity is enslaved and ruled over like cattle on a very large farm. It does not mean however, that humanity has to remain this way. In fact many are starting to decipher their origins and healing the trauma that occurred in those ancient times. We are still slaves and are being ruled out of the Vatican by the long skulls of old that go by many names in history. But they are few and we are many. Keeping humanity in ignorance is increasingly very hard to do. They know this and they fear us. Because remember this, a hybrid is always better than its originating sources. Once we reach above this muted capacity they bestow upon us they know very well that humanity will overtake this planet and a new age will be born of peace and harmony. Let’s hope that happens sooner than later.

Humanity, Created as Slaves


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