The Appearance of Free Will

Are You Really Free?

Free Will: The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.

This is a right given to humanity by first source, the grand creator of all that is and ever will be. Anything that takes away from this right is a form of theft. Some form of property is always being stolen when a wrong-doing is committed. Life is a form of property. Rights are a form of property. Freedom is a form of property.

There is no such thing as the delegation of a wrong. If a specific action is not a right for any individual, then that action cannot be delegated, granted, or licensed to any other individual or group, and then magically called a right. That action forever remains a wrong under free will.

The Natural Law of Free Will always holds true regardless of a population’s belief systems. This means that it does not matter how many people agree that a wrong can be turned into a right, or that a right can be turned into a wrong. Those such things can never be done in reality. People can only believe that they can claim such reversals and that this will magically make it so. Unfortunately, most human beings erroneously believe that it is morally possible for them to create and delegate rights which do not exist or to take away rights which do exist against the free will of an individual.

Let’s look at taxation for an example of this free will fact.

Taxation is the claim that a group of people who call themselves government have been given the right to confiscate an arbitrarily chosen percentage of the product of another individual’s labor, whether or not the other agrees to share that product of their free will. Taxation is enforced by the threat of violence or imprisonment if those from whom the product is being seized attempt to resist the confiscation with their given right of free will. This practice is always justified by those who claim that such a practice is necessary and required to uphold the common good. If we define Slavery as the involuntary confiscation of 100% of the product of the labor of another human being, we can clearly see that there is no magical percentage to which we could lower this number other than 0% that would no longer constitute Slavery. If we are being honest with ourselves, Taxation is merely a euphemism for the Theft of ones’ free will to choose and is based in Violence and Slavery, the practices upon which it is actually perpetrated. Since no individual anywhere on Earth has the right to claim ownership of the product of another’s labor, such behavior can never be delegated to a group and called a right. Therefore, all forms of Taxation are always wrong according to the definition of free will. It just goes against the Natural Laws of humanity.

What if I told you that magically I am not your grocer? That you now have to buy a percentage of all your groceries from me and if you don’t I will beat you and throw you in a cage. How are you going to feel about that? Would that not be a crime against your free will to choose with one’s own discretion?

We are told we are free and all are created equally and yet we have a masters over us all that dictate what the free will is and just how equal we all are. Think about it. Discover how the few rule over the many.
Free Will

The Appearance of Free Will, Are You Really Free? Think About It.


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