Higher Self

Higher Self vs Lower Self

by Optima Mentis

What is the real self? Are we the higher self? Or are we the lower self-trapped in illusion?

Let’s first give a look at the qualities of the true higher self. When we are born into consciousness, these are the qualities that an individual is imbued with as a fragment of first source.

The higher self exists in a state of dominion and non-duality. Both hemispheres of the brain are designed to be in complete balance with each other, allowing the natural state to be in unison. The mind remains consistent, so as you think, is how you feel, and act.

The emotion of love rules the higher self. It’s understood that freedom is the highest expression of love. This inspires practicing the true will of love called freedom in every aspect of life. Higher self-creation is not in service to the will of the ego, but more so in the service of freedom of expression and creation as a whole. This brings higher levels of consciousness into manifestation.

Alleviating pain and suffering for all humanity is consistent with the higher self. It recognizes that another beings suffering is the same as their own. As there is only one consciousness in all life forms.

An Imbalanced left-brain or ego-identification goes against the true higher self. It operates from the perspective of the whole, and all higher thinking is in balance. Always striving to be consistently focused on any task and not surrendering to the influence of unnatural thoughts.

Dissolving institutionalized belief systems is common for a higher being. Recognizing that institutions are an assault on the true freedom of the individual. Ultimately, these beliefs are a major attack on consciousness, love, and real freedom.

Now let’s look at the qualities of the lower self. It does not live in a state of dominion, but more so flounders in a state of confusion and opposition. There is constant misunderstanding and the need for control so that balance cannot occur. So the concept of thinking, feeling, and acting consistently, is not something the lower self can grasp. Actions that are in complete opposition to how the lower self may think and feel, are fear based reactions of an imbalanced mind. Higher consciousness shuts down when forced to existence in a lower energy of chaos.

Lower vibrational thinking cannot envision what true love and freedom actually are. The need for control is the only way it can relieve the internal confusion. This lower being has difficulty understanding itself or the world as a whole. It will lash out at the world in a futile attempt to try and manage external events. Each action brings more disorder and turmoil into existence in accordance with its own ego based will.

Fellow humans are not given much consideration as the lower self is only concerned with self-fulfilling needs. The ultimate focus is on its own self-centered happiness, desires, and benefits.

How it views the world is typically a reflection of a belief that everything exists in a state of separation. Even though this is not the case, it will stubbornly believe that it is. The lower self is trapped in the imbalance of left-brain thinking, and is much like being in a prison chamber of its own mind. The lower self is stuck on what it perceives as acceptable truth, as long as it agrees with the indoctrination of the times. In reality it doesn’t care if it’s true or not. Complete ego justification is its only goal.

The acceptance and reinforcement of most institutional belief systems allows a feeling of conformity for this lower thinking being. It benefits in a physical sense by the propagation of these institutions.

In reality what we are seeing here is the nature of good and evil. Ultimately, what we all experience in this world on the inside becomes what is manifested outwardly in the world. In conclusion, what we really see here is love and fear. Two basic emotions that hold the keys to either control or freedom.

We live in a society of imposed slavery that has forced us away from our true natural higher self. Forced to adhere to an out of balance ego based controlled life. People are so stuck in this institutionalized belief system that they rarely even think or wonder what natural true freedom and love is. This can change however.

People need to come to the deeper understanding that we are all one. All we need to do is act like it.
Higher Self

Higher Self vs Lower Self


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