by Optima Mentis

Caring enough to seek deeper understandings is what caring should be all about.

We must have enough caring to understand the why of things. That which underlies and precedes all manifested things and eventualities. All the power to affect change lies on this plane. Human Consciousness must move from the plane of effects to the plane of causality in order for human beings to understand the factors of the conditions which they are collectively manifesting in their lives. Only then will Humanity be able to co-create their shared reality on a conscious level. Not much will change with your slavery, until we uncover the why it has become the way that it is.

No power to effect change can possibly occur if all we do is analyze the symptoms. This appears to be where most humans become trapped. They keep wanting to describe the prison they’re in. Most do not want to look at the causing factors, because they are afraid of what the causal factors are. They don’t want to admit that the cause is how we think, feel and act. And until those things are changed, the external manifestation will not change. To do this requires a balanced mind of responsibility and accountability. Not just on an individual level but as a whole. So, drop the fear. Drop the anger, and get busy learning the knowledge it takes to be the solution. As it truly starts with Principles.

Caring is the overall principle many have over looked. One could say it has become the lost principle of our age. Most really don’t seem to care what happens and have a selfish demand for things to change magically without even a basic understanding to how things have become so evil. What we care about on a day to day basis acts as the driving force of our thoughts and actions. Therefore, care can be seen as the ultimate generator of the quality of our experience. After all we seem to forget Humans are the caretakers of this planet. Caring from the heart is a generative principle that can break us out of our selfish desires and melt away the fog of not understanding the why of it all. For what one cares enough about to put our will behind is ultimately what gets created in our world. The world is the way that it is because most do not care enough to actually change it through their actions.




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