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by Optima Mentis

Confusing factors run rampant on this Earth. All by design to keep us dumbed down so humans are easily controlled. We are so caught up in the survival factors of day to day life that we rarely look up to learn how things have turned into what we call life on this Earth.

One concept that can be very misunderstood and easily distorted is polarity. Many times we hear that without the negative how could we appreciated the positive? This has become a New Age religion that needs to be eliminated from our thought process as it gives the negative justification for existing.

Polarity is how seemingly opposite forces actually work in this world. If we examine them closely however, it appears the differences between polarities are illusions. There is really only one ultimate force that is at work in this world that has been split into two and works in different ways to assists us all to have a third dimensional experience. Those two forces are Love and Fear. For the most part we refuse to see this and when we examine it closely we can simplify things down to a deeper understanding of what’s really going on.

Polar forces can be perceived as hot and cold for an example, and good and evil. Also Young and old, and light and dark. Let’s look at light and dark. They are only one thing not really opposites at all as there is only one energy, and that is light. Light energy is either present or it’s not present. It does not actually oppose its self. It is either there or it is not. If it is not present we call that darkness. Darkness is light that is absent, not the opposite of light. It is either present or it is not.

Many things we see as opposites, are really not opposites. Things that we might think are warring against each other are really only one thing, or the absence of whatever that one thing might be. It’s either present or it’s not. Try to keep that simple fact in mind.